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New York City – A Beautiful Catastrophe

A hundred times have I thought New York is a catastrophe, and fifty times: It is a beautiful catastrophe. Le Corbusier

New York City is certainly one of the most impressive places on planet Earth and the density of life makes it a challenge for every photographer to capture the soul and gorgeousness of this city. Enjoy a few impressions from a recent trip.



Just snapped this cool shot of a seagull hunting for bread crums a few weeks back on a sunny late winter day. Love it!

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musoc | Munich Song Connection – 2013 Champions

Local Munich songwriters Alex Sebastian and Roland “The Rol” Hannig have founded the Munich Song Connection (musoc), a local community for musicians & songwriters, in spring 2013. Supported by the popular venue “EINSTEIN Kultur” they present the next generation of open stage events for sing writers in Munich – the Munich Song Connection #open contest.

In December the 2013 finals were held sporting eight fantastic local songwriters & guests Nathan & Kleff . Check out the Munich Song Connection’s website and register for their upcoming 2014 competitions.

Radio Man

The Radio Man

Yes, we did it again. This legendary shot of the radio man somewhere on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California was published in the October edition of the renowned German photo magazine


Spooky Beach


This awesome shot of a spooky sunset on Bondi Beach just made it to the top 5 shots of a national photo competition. It was published in the August/September edition of the renowned German photo magazine ““.