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The Hobbit – A Heli-Biking Adventure in New Zealand

Far over the Misty Mountain’s Cold comes a Hobbit upon his silver steed … If you’ve always wondered what Hobbits do when they’re not just lounging about The Shire, this edit is for you! New Zealand’s rider Kelly McGarry leaves The Shire and heads to the slopes in this must-watch edit, exploring the trails of fabulous New Zealand thanks to a heli drop right on the tops of the nearby mountains. Lean back … and enjoy!

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Jeffrey’s Bay – South Africa’s Awesome Surfing Destination

Once just a sleepy seaside town, ‘J-Bay’ has evolved into one of the world’s top ten surfing destinations and is now South Africa’s foremost center of surfing and surf culture. Boardies from all over the planet flock here to ride the legendary waves such as the famous Supertubes which is rated as the world’s most perfect right-hand shorebreak.

Supertubes is host to the Billabong Pro Tour, one of the leading surfing events in Africa. Billabong Pro witnesses the world’s top 45 ranked professional surfers coming together at Jeffrey’s Bay in July every year.

Danny MacAskill’s Epic Solar Eclipse Ride

Sun, moon and star Danny MacAskill in perfect harmony. World renowned professional street trials rider Danny MacAskill returned to his home island of Skye in Scotland to take in the magic of a solar eclipse. Watch the video above on the creation of one of the most memorable photos of 2015.

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Welcome to the Magic Valley

The Lötschental is one of the largest and certainly one of the most beautiful Valais valleys. Nestled between the Bernese and Valais Alps and right in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Jungfrau-Aletsch area it features a stunning alpine landscape plus a wealth of local tales, legends and myths.

The Lauchernalp ski resort situated in the valley provides some unique freeride spots. Enjoy some awesome views from the atop Lauchernalp ski resort …

The Little Nordics – A Miniature Tour of Iceland and Norway

Filmmaker and branding designer Martijn Doolaard created this cute timelapse video, shot in tilt-shift fashion to miniaturize scenes from Iceland and Norway. The video features places like Geiranger (Norway) where ferries are sailing back and forth through rugged fjords, the renowned hot springs and geysers of Iceland, as well as cars crawling up and down the steep roads of Scandinavian cityscapes.

Watch the video above for a different perspective on the stunning natural beauty of Iceland’s and Norway’s distant landscapes.